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What’s Going On with Arts Advisor Jamie Hanton…


Jamie Hanton is one of the Community Arts Advisors at the CCC – who helps implement the Toi Ōtautahi Arts Strategy for the city.

We caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to and what’s coming up for the local Arts sector in the next few months…

First of all – tell us what areas you look after in the local sector?

Good Question! I do all sorts of things in my job. Recently I’ve been looking over and helping assess funding applications – which is a really important part of my role. Council has three main funds that the Arts Team has either direct or indirect input into: the local Creative Communities Scheme; the Events and Festivals Fund; and the Strengthening Communities Fund.

As well as assisting with the assessment of the applications, we also provide advice and guidance to artists and organisations about the various processes and other funding opportunities locally and nationally.

Have there been lots of applications this year?

Definitely – more than usual. We had 83 applications for the last Creative Communities fund, which is significantly higher than usual. All of the funds I talked about earlier are consistently oversubscribed – there are always more applications than there is funding – and that funding pressure is something that is being felt right across the board right now. A positive take on this is that it’s great that artists and creatives are aware of the funding opportunities that we have, because even if a project isn’t successful on the first application, it can be the starting point for discussions in future – so we really want to encourage artists to apply for our funding or get in touch about how we can help; it’s our job to understand the funding ecology and the opportunities in it!

What are you working on now?

I’m working on establishing our artists in residence for 2023. This follows on from last year’s residencies of Emma Turner at Ōtautahi Creative Spaces, Josiah Morgan at the Canterbury Nurses Chapel, and Ghostcat at the YMCA 4C Centre – which were all really successful. We’re exploring different hosts and locations this year and we’re also looking to partner with other Council units – such as libraries, to host some residencies as well.

How is the local arts sector at the moment?

I think its really humming; there’s so much going on, we’re spoiled for choice most weekends! If you look at March as an example, there were four major arts and culture festivals and events in that month alone Tiny Fest; Off Centre; PolyFest and Rock the Park – we’re really lucky to have such depth and breadth in the city.

What’s on your radar that you’re excited about?

I’m looking forward to the Artists Dinner we are hosting in April and the resumption of the Artists’ Life School programme in partnership with The Physics Room.

What have you seen recently that blew you away?

I absolutely loved FIKA Writers with J.3PK perform Teu Le Va at TinyFest, the multi-vocal work was a powerful reflection on the Dawn Raids that affected Pacific Peoples in Aotearoa during the 1970s.

To et in contact with Jamie: Email him at jamie.hanton@ccc.govt.nz

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