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The Shirley Village Project

Arts Access

The Shirley Village Project is a placed based, prevention focused, community-led development collaboration.

Its purpose is to empower resident led change to a range of community and social issues in the Shirley neighbourhood with agencies, NGO’s and community organisations connected into the community to work with residents on change making.

Residents said that they wanted to improve the appearance of Shirley. Residents have worked to remove graffiti from Shirley which has resulted in Shirley being recognised by CCC as a Graffiti Clean Neighbourhood in December 2020. It is the only community in Christchurch with this status and has maintained being Graffiti Free for the 2021 year.

Residents said that they wanted to improve the appearance of the lower MacFarlane Park (between Jebson St and Riselaw St) as this was the area of park that many Shirley Primary School and Shirley Intermediate School students and their parent use daily to get to and from school.

The park was looking very uncared for with graffiti, rubbish, broken and paint worn fences.

We are working to make this area into an Art Park, with a big vision of having 300 murals in there.

We currently have six mural panels installed and have another three mural panels completed and are planning to install them early 2022.

The murals are done on 2.4m x 1.2m plywood panels that are installed on post frames along the fence line of the park.

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