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The Return of Hope and Grace – Group Exhibition

Visual Arts

It has been over 20 years since Scott Flanagan last curated a group show in Christchurch,  Looking After My Friends And Influencing People, presented at CoCa, 2003. Please join us at Stoddart Cottage Gallery, Diamond Harbour, Saturday 30 March at 2pm, for the opening reception to celebrate a new group show and a return to form.

This exhibition, The Return Of Hope And Grace, takes its title from a poem by Brian Turner, and in an acknowledgement to depoliticise the exhibition Mr Flanagan has leaned heavily on his history of reading poetry. Citing ambivalence as a predicate in the text for the exhibition, it is hoped that the power of poetry and ambiguity inherent in the artworks will present a more satisfying and open interpretation of the artists’ potential.

Nine of the artists included in this new exhibition are painters, and one a ceramicist, and they all live in Dunedin and the Otago region. The artists featured are Sandra Bianciardi, Kirsten Ferguson, Eliza Glynn, Nicola Hansby, Anet Neutze, Ann Sagan, Amanda Shanley, Anya Sinclair, Sharon Singer and Rachel Taylor.

Scott Flanagan has been working out of a studio in Port Chalmers since the earthquakes destroyed his Christchurch studio during the summer of 2010-2011.

Stoddart Cottage is open 10am-4pm Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. It is closed Good Friday, but open Easter Sunday & Monday.

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