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The Matariki Stars

Ngā Toi Māori
The first star Matariki is known as the mother of the eight stars in the constellation.
The second star is Pōhutukawa, which is connected to the dead and those who have passed away in the past year.
Tupu ā nuku
The third star is Tupu ā nuku which is associated with food grown in the ground.
Tupu ā rangi
The fourth star is Tupu ā rangi which is associated with food that comes from the sky and is linked to birds.
The fifth star is Waitī which is connected to fresh water and living creatures in the rivers, streams, and lakes.
The sixth star is Waitā (twin of Waitī) which is associated with the ocea
Waipuna-ā-rangi which is connected to the rain. The name itself means “water that pools in the sky”.
The eighth star is Ururangi which is connected to the wind. The name means “the winds of the sky”.
The final star is hiwa-i-te-rangi which is connected to the promise of a prosperous season. It is also known as the wishing star.
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