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The Eastern (and Friends) On Tour


Under the Radar has some great news for local music fans:

Founding fathers of the Lyttelton folk revolution, The Eastern have invited along a legion of friends to help celebrate “some of Christchurch’s finest music venues that have hung on the past couple of years to keep the music and the spirit of community alive.” They’ll be joined by special guests galore on a six (“and a bit”) date tour of their hometown, commencing in late August and wrapping up early November. As befitting the The Eastern’s inclusive tradition, there’ll be different lineups at every gig and each show will be accessible to all for the absolute bargain price of five dollars — with punters encouraged to bring along “one can of food or essential household item (including sanitary items) with their ticket, which can be donated post gig to foodbanks and services throughout the city.”

There’ll be even more appearances from The Eastern soon and helmsman Adam McGrath‘s solo tour marches onwards next week. For the full official lowdown on The Eastern’s awesome community initiative head over to their Facebook page HERE — read a snippet from the statement and scroll downwards to scope out lineup details…

“We called in some pals and decided to go on tour, in one city, for one night only over six nights!

Six tribute nights, but not tributes to millionaire rock stars, a tribute to the bars that probably won’t grow a single rock star between them but will still open every night, to young chancers, long haulers and true believers alike. A tribute to the communion of a shared experience of songs you don’t know played by people who have to play them anyway, like it matters and is truly important. A tribute to the people serving the drinks, making the speakers go and a tribute to the resilience of those doing it tough this winter, this year, this forever, by offering some food, non-perishable household items, sanitary products whatever! To help take the edge off and the sting out of it all maybe for just one meal or one day or whatever. A tribute to being in this together.

Oh! and a tribute to the audiences, we see y’all out there forking out $70 and more a ticket for the big shows and we know that’s pretty tough if you’re on minimum wage or trying to feed your kids, so come get busy with us we’re making it just $5 a ticket (with an item of the aforementioned can or something similar), to get you out.

It sounds mental and everyone’s gonna lose money but damn if doing it for the money doesn’t make doing it, just that little bit worse. There’ll be plenty of time to jack the price up to keep us in our mansions. This one however is on us, with just enough to pay the sound people and the folks doing the door.” — The Eastern

The Eastern and friends
with Jordan Luck, Adam Hattaway & The Haunters, Imperial April, Al Hunter, Volts, Al Park, Ryan Fisherman, Frankie Daly, Lindon Puffin, Best Bets, Tess Liautaud, Brendan Gregg, Shakin’ Hayride, The Sweet Sweet Nothings and many more

Saturday 27th August – A Rolling Stone, Christchurch*
Saturday 3rd September – darkroom, Christchurch*
Friday 23rd September – 12 Bar, Christchurch*
Friday 7th October – Space Academy, Christchurch*
Monday 24th October – Labour Day Picnic, Christchurch (announcing soon)
Sunday 30th October – Folk Club, Christchurch
Friday 4th November – OGB, Christchurch*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR
The bands and venues ask punters to bring one can of food or essential household item (including sanitary items) with their ticket, which can be donated post gig to foodbanks and services throughout the city.

(text Chris Cuddy)

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