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The Christchurch Circus Trust

Circus, Performance
image Image courtesy of The Christchurch Circus Trust

The Christchurch Circus Trust is a charitable trust whose purposes are to foster well-being, provide education and develop people through participation in the circus arts. Our outreach is for the wider community with a focus particularly toward underprivileged communities.

We have been running circus workshops and presenting spectacular performances for the last 15 years. We currently operate out of the Roy Stokes Hall, New Brighton and have a dedicated circus set up that offers extraordinary opportunities. We teach aerials; like trapeze and silks, acrobatics, juggling and balancing on equipment; such as unicycles and tight-wire. We offer group bookings, children’s after school classes and adult classes.

We teach circus skills with a social and collaborative approach and participants help each other with their newfound insights. Circus is physically versatile and builds dexterity, strength, fitness and balance. Circus is inspiring and fosters life skills such as perseverance and creativity.


146 Seaview Rd, New Brighton.

P.O.Box 18806, Christchurch




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