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Street Art- Gobo Trail

Visual Arts

Street Art Treasure Hunt

Light-based artworks and designs by artists and creatives light up the city.

Follow the path of ten gobo footpath projections from the Canterbury Museum to the Cathedral, from Victoria Square to High Street – discover them all.

The Central City Gobo Trail showcases new work throughout the year, and is a platform for local artists, public competitions and recognition of Matariki.

The City Central City Gobo Trail is delivered by the Christchurch City Council’s Enliven Places Programme and supports the Council’s goal to “light up the city”.

Celebrating street art in Canterbury, these artworks are snapshots of existing murals across Ōtautahi’s Central City.

Six local artists have created new work for a Street Art Treasure Hunt, creating a lighting trail to encourage exploration and play.

Find each new street art light display, then hunt down their corresponding mural by: Dcypher, YIKES, Ikarus, Wongi, Ghostcat and Jen Heads.


6: Rollickin’ – Wongi Wilson
The bold ink work belongs to one of the crew at Rollickin’ Gelato and is perfectly recreated by the artist, Wongi Wilson
8: Bubblegum – Wongi Wilson
This design reveals the artist’s graffiti moniker, formed amidst a fiery explosion and billowing cloud. The hidden letters spell out FREAK, a perfect identity for hugely talented Wongi Wilson
7: Antarctic – Dcypher
Dcypher depicts a sleek penguin diving under icy water as it explores the arctic environment.
4: Idea Factory – Dcypher
This little character is full of spark, a representation of an idea coming to life. Dcypher has added his signature style to this design, a bold comic-inspired image with punch!
9: Blue – Yikes
Home has played an important part in Jacob Yikes’ work, locations loaded with meaning and a sense of life. Inspired by the places he has lived, Yikes gives life to his houses, making them characters.
10: Alice – Yikes
This design by Jacob Yikes is inspired by one of his most iconic murals – a homage to Alice’s, an Ōtautahi institution, but also the fantastical world of cinema.
1: Rutherford – Yikes
n atom radiates brightly, providing a spark of life. Jacob Yikes’ design pays tribute to the work of one of Ōtautahi’s most famous sons and someone who knew a fair bit about atomic energy…
2: Jen Heads – Jen Head
Jen-Heads’ recurring portrait designs have appeared throughout the city! The psychological portraits suggest our inner thoughts, in this case our connection to nature and ability to bloom.
3: Graffiti Game – Ikarus
Inspired by his experiences as a graffiti artist, Ikarus’ bold design depicts the importance of guidance and mentorship – the larger spray can imparting knowledge to the younger ‘bombs’.
5: Make Art Not War – Ghostcat
Ghostcat’s design literally writes for peace, the artist’s hand scrawling a peace sign as a reminder that we need to make art, not war…
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