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Shift: Urban Art Takeover

Street Art
image Curator, Dr Reuben Woods
Explore the Museum you’ve never seen. Opens 28 January.

Redevelopment looms and the Museum is empty. Empty, that is, except for the urban artists: hardy souls who have braved the cracks, the leaks, the ghosts of long-dead taxidermists to paint, project, paste-up, to shift this venerable institution into something colourful, something new.

Visit the Museum to explore the winding path they have created – a journey through five floors of urban art with surprises around every corner. Art on the walls, art on the ceilings, art in the galleries, the corridors, the offices, the storerooms. Art that engages with the Museum and the taonga it cares for, art that showcases urban art’s evolution and challenges our ideas of what a Museum can be.

Art that will soon disappear as suddenly as it appeared, never to be seen again. Do not miss it.

SHIFT: Urban Art Takeover is a paid-for experience. All proceeds go towards the Museum’s redevelopment.

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