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Requiem – New Work from Fleur de Thier and Simon van der Sluijs


From the creative minds of movement director Fleur de Thier and artist Simon van der Sluijs comes Requiem,  a theatre experience with 10 dancers, 2 actors, 13 puppets, a live musician and a poem in an act of remembrance.

With Requiem, we remember how life has forever changed in the last decade, as a result of the quakes, the terrorist attack at the Mosque and the Corona Virus, and that a new, resilient human was required.

We all have been, one way or another, affected by the events of the last decade, we all have had to deal with the grief of what was lost and we all needed to rely on each other to find a way through and come out better at the other end.

Requiem starts and ends with a party and visualises what happened in between. This promises to be a performance which will stay with you well after the show has ended.

This is the second production of Fleur and Simon being played in Lyttelton Arts Factory.

In 2019 they brought Mantra, a poëtic meditation on love, life and death for two dancers and two puppets, a highly successful show which drew large audiences and was well received by the critics. “…This work looks deceptively easy but the complexity of choreographing two dancers working with two puppets adds an extra layer which de Thier grasps with her usual artistic alacrity. The effect is stunning and the flow is breathtaking. There is certainly a convergence of artistic strengths when the creative minds of artist and creative director, Simon van der Sluijs and choreographer Fleur de Thier are united.”

Kerri Fitzgerald, Theatreview, 26 Oct 2019

Requiem is on at Lyttelton Arts Factory Sat 17, Sun 18, Fri 23, Sat 24 September, 7:30pm.




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