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Moider Mother’s Debut Album Out This Week


Are you ready to experience the tenebrous chaos of Moider Mother? Aotearoa’s original dance-punk dream-pop miserablist Nick Harte (Shocking Pinks — Flying Nun / DFA) is back with his wholesome family band.

Moider Mother‘s debut album is out on Record Store Day April 20th and they’re going to play at the Flying Nun Chch Pop-Up at 5pm.

“Take a pinch of Raincoats, add a tablespoon of early Swans, sauté in the first Stooges album and add half a brick. Put it in a sock. Bon appétit!” — Bruce Russell, The Dead C 

Fed on a diet of horror cinema and chronic illness, femme fatale Hannah Harte and her son Noah bring their confrontational “moider maul” to inexplicable heights.

Based in Ōtautahi, Moider Mother gained a raft of fans with their debut EP, Maimed Infant EP.

The band is made up of  Hannah HarteNick Harte (Shocking Pinks) and Noah McKay are they will be launching their debut album Miracle Healing Crusade on 20th April (aka Record Store Day) via Leather Jacket Records.

They’ll also be playing a live set at the pop-up Flying Nun Record store on the 20th April at 5pm.

You can read an interview with the band by Under the Radar’s Chris Cudby  here.

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