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Lorelei Jenner

Paint and Print, Visual Arts

Lorelei Jenner was born in 1964 in Christchurch and attended schools in Australia, Britain and New Zealand.

She completed a diploma in Visual Arts in 1991 at The Christchurch Polytechnic and was a 2001 finalist for the Wallace Art Awards.

A self taught painter, she mainly works in Acrylics.

Lorelei has been exhibiting nationally for the last twenty years.

“I have choose to work from imagination and memory, rather than photos or plein air.

My intention is to create work that is somewhere between Abstract and Landscape, while leaving the viewer space to use their own imagination.

The images can be both familiar and interpretive, while at the same time mysterious, atmospheric and other worldly.

My process is strongly intuitive, enjoying and embracing accidents, experimenting with drips, colour bleeding and mark making.

I like to work quickly and energetically in an attempt to keep the work fresh and dynamic.”

You can contact Lorelei at:


Some work is available at The Chambers Gallery.

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