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Liminal Beings at Tyanhaus

Visual Arts
“Liminal Beings is a group art show that brings together 3 Ōtautahi-based artists who share similar styles and a passion for creating street art and pop culture inspired artwork.
Featuring a plethora of mediums on everything from canvas to skateboards to animal bones, Liminal Beings is a show that not only thinks outside the box, but was never in the box to begin with.
‘LIMINAL’ means “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold” and we feel that describes our place in the art world and our practice perfectly.
We specifically chose Tyanhaus as our venue as it reflects this philosophy and emphasises the artistically liminal nature of our work, one in which the white-walled and sterile atmosphere of a traditional art gallery could simply not achieve.”
Joe Clarke/Dark Ballad
Jonny Waters
Opening Night – Feb 17th 5:30pm
Weekday Hours – 8-3pm
Closing Night – Feb 24th 5:30pm

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