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Fiksate Gallery

Digital, Paint and Print, Sculpture, Street Art, Visual Arts

Fiksate is an urban contemporary art gallery and artist studio space in Sydenham.

Established in 2015, Fiksate is passionate about showcasing and supporting the work of urban contemporary artists, those who have backgrounds in and take influence from graffiti, street art, post-graffiti and urban art more broadly.

The in-house artists range from painters to stencil artists, designers to multi-disciplinary practitioners and writers. Alongside a revolving schedule of exhibitions, Fiksate also hosts workshops and visiting artists.

Fiksate occupies a unique space in the Christchurch art community, providing opportunities to artists often marginalised by other entities, and a fresh take for audiences to engage with art and artists from some of the most significant art movements of our time. 

54 Hawdon Street, Sydenham
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