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Celebrating National Poetry Day – Eight Poets – Poets vs Climate Change

Literature, Poetry

It was a cold, wet August night.

Eight poets arrived one by one to a modern industrial building at the seaward end of Ferry Rd.

There to pick up a  gauntlet laid down by WH Auden 83 years before.

A challenge that taxes the minds of most artists, who live in hope that their works will be transformative.

The eight had arrived to recite poems they’d contributed to a newly published climate change anthology called:  “No Place to Stand”

And respond to Auden’s provocation that: “Poetry Changes Nothing.”

Toi Ōtautahi was there to film it.

Click here to watch.

The Poets:

Philip Armstrong

James Norcliffe

Danielle O’Halloran-Thyne

Leona Kamuhangire

Erik Kennedy

Melanie Dixon

Rose Collins

Gail Ingram



Eight Poets – Watch Here
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