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Decult Documentary – Crowdfunding has started!

Film and Moving Image

Christchurch film makers Robyn Jordaan and Caleb MacDonald will be creating a documentary about the Decult 2024 Conference in October. As this is the first cult awareness conference of its kind in Australasia, they’re creating a resource that can long outlive the conference. Their film will include interviews with our speakers – authors, educators, counsellors, academics and survivors – sharing their expertise and personal stories. It is our hope that audiences will view the short documentary and not only see how the conference came together, but also gain a deeper understanding of harmful dynamics in cult-like groups, how to prevent them, and how to support cult leavers better. 

In order to make this happen, the target is $7,000 with a stretch goal of $12,000.

This amount will allow them to produce a 20-30 minute documentary which showcases the conference and also features interviews with speakers and survivors.

They will also be producing two short recaps to be used by Decult for social media marketing purposes to help bring people to future conferences and other Decult events.

The funding goal allows us to cover the basic costs of creating the documentary and recaps (transport, filming, production tasks, marketing fees), but the stretch goal will assist in providing additional creative support for the conference and the Decult Charitable Trust.

Don’t have the ability to contribute? You could consider spreading the word. You can find the campaign here: https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/decult-documentary

You can read more about Decult by checking out the Decult site here  – founded by Lyttelton local, Anke Richter.


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