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Christchurch City Choir


How would you describe what you do?

We are a symphonic choir with a long history in the Canterbury Choral Community.

 What was your most recent project?

Handel’s Messiah Choruses in December 2021 replaced our usual annual Messiah concert at the Town Hall.

What project have you worked on that you’re the proudest of?

The Choir has a high standard of singing and is recognised as one of Christchurch’s leading choral groups. We have introduced student scholars to help bring through the next generation of talent.

What is essential for creatives to have in their life?

Support from local and national government and funders or sponsors.  It is so appreciated.

What inspires you about Ōtautahi?

The creative community.  There is so much on and now so much to see with a wide variety of street art and galleries to enjoy.

What piece of advice about your creative work has served you well?

Look after each other.  During lock downs the Choir tried to keep up rehearsal on zoom and many members found this comforting at such a difficult time.

What’s the biggest misconception about your creative work?

That it’s elite.

What Christchurch artists do you most admire?

Too many to name but the CSO does amazing work in the community which always impresses us.

What artwork/piece of music/performance has taken your breath away?

Tūmahana by CSO was a great collaboration with other local creatives and performers.

What do you wish you’d have known about creative work when you were younger?

That there are so many groups and choirs to join when you leave school.

What’s your favourite hidden secret in Ōtautahi?

The New Zealand Museum of Toys and Collectibles on Manchester Street, it’s so impressive and I stumbled on it by mistake.





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