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Carol Moffatt – Artist

Paint and Print, Visual Arts
image Lake Te Anau. Carol Moffatt
image Tukoko River. Carol Moffatt

Carol MoffattM (QSO, NZM) is a New Zealander living in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury, New Zealand.  She has painted in the water colour medium for several years and is now paints mainly with oils.

“The world around me is where I draw my ideas and inspiration from.  The South Island’s landscape of skies, trees, mountains and water in their natural environment create my spiritual world.

The atmosphere and mystery helps create paintings because of the beauty all around us.  I am continually looking for ways to push the boundaries and find the light.  Our South Island landscapes provide an infinite source of ideas and material.

I have been so fortunate to learn from great teachers who have helped me enormously.  I take far more risks now and am constantly learning and experimenting.  Painting is a joyful and happy experience which I am privileged to share. ”




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