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Auspicious Victory

Graphic Design, Visual Arts

Auspicious Victory is a digital artist, futurist, and activist. Auspicious Victory combines traditional and digital printmaking techniques and technologies, graphic design principles of colour theory, negative space, composition and typography, with digital painting, artificial intelligence, Liquid AI, machine learning and generative art. 

Irreverent, uncompromising and bold, Auspicious Victory’s art exists to provoke the comfortable and comfort those that struggle with the common world. 

Their experience of mental and chronic illness influences how they view time and the legacy they want to leave behind. Auspicious Victory is an advocate for the empowerment and rights of artists to set their own terms. Currently 5% of profits are given to community organisations that provide mental health support to men.  

“In a sort of subconscious manner, a lot of my work is simply processing my time through creating colour and form as a meditation or form of therapy. After a period of time doing this, my ideas develop, usually about the extremes of pain or emotion that I experience on a daily basis. It sounds clichéd but the idea of the tortured artist applies in this case. I accept that’s where I am at right now and whatever I produce will be a reflection and I am OK with that.”

Check out their website here.

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