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Artists in Residence | Dancers in Ōtautahi, Christchurch


The MOVE residency is your invitation to join a community eager to support your artistic vision.

We’re seeking proposals from all dance genres to join our first dance residency. Whether you’re a duo or part of a large performance group, this is the space to explore and expand your art.

Over seven days, from 1 – 7 July, 2024, your ensemble will have the opportunity to embark on a creative journey, to bring to life the dance projects you’ve dreamed of but haven’t yet had the chance to realise.

What does the Ōtautahi Dance Residency offer? 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage’s Regeneration Fund and the Christchurch Arts Centre, MOVE is offering a weeklong dance residency in the aptly-named Blank Canvas studio.

The Artists in Residence receive $6,500 in funding which must cover all costs throughout the week, including travel for out of town or visiting tutors and visiting artists. Your residency coordinator will work with you on your budget to ensure all costs are covered.

Who can apply? 

Any dance group, company or collective based in Canterbury can apply.  Your group must have either:
• A vision for a new work OR
• A performance work in progress ready for further development.
You cannot apply as an individual and your proposal must include working with at least one Canterbury-based artist or collaborator.


With nearly 400 dance groups across Canterbury, we can’t wait to see your applications. To find out the full list of benefits and how the residency works, head to move.org.nz now.

You can apply now via the online form or upload an application video to https://move.org.nz/dance-residency/. 

Applications close midnight 17 March, 2024.

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