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A Guide to Creative Hoardings

image Kaupeka Tae – Design partner: Ariki Creative

Creative hoardings reinterpret construction hoardings by improving their look and feel so our city doesn’t become visually dominated by fences and hoardings as we build.

Normal hoardings can be transformed into creative hoardings at any time. You can use one of our pre-designed hoardings or work with a design partner to create a custom hoarding.

If your hoarding needs to occupy public roads or footpath, you will need to apply for temporary use of the legal road.

image Christchurch Life

Pre-Designed Hoardings:

We’ve got a series of creative hoarding designs available free of charge to enhance your hoardings.

Each design consists of individual artwork panels. These panels can be assembled in any combination but must be from the same design suite.

Touch base with us before you begin for advice on how to integrate the creative hoarding artwork into the overall hoarding.  Contact creativehoardings@ccc.govt.nz.

image Aromarea – Design Partner: Ariki Creative

Artwork Licenses:

If you are using a pre-design hoarding, the artwork is the intellectual property of Christchurch City Council. It is included in the Creative Hoardings toolkit under a licence agreement with Ariki Creative and McCarthy creative agencies.

The artwork may only be used for the purpose it is provided for – to be printed and attached to an approved construction hoarding. Any other unauthorised use of the artwork is an infringement of copyright.

If you would like to use the artwork for another purpose, please contact Christchurch City Council: creativehoardings@ccc.govt.nz

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