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Lorelei Jenner

image Lorelei Jenner

How would you describe what you do?

I am a painter working in acrylics , the subject or themes are mainly based on atmospheric , slightly abstracted, landscapes.

I rarely work from reality or photographs, but imagination and instinct.

What was your most recent project?

My recent exhibition was at Chambers Gallery in Christchurch in March this year.

I was exhibiting alongside Douglas Woods and Kim Hennessey.

My work was under the title of “All The Land that you can See.”

I had been working on the show for the last six months and had eight new works.

What project have you worked on that you’re the most proud of?

I would probably say my recent exhibition at Chambers.

What is essential for creatives to have in their life?

It is important to have a comfortable and light studio space to work in.

I think having supportive people around , my partner is very enthusiastic and my friends are too.

It’s great to be able to work part time, l work three mornings as a barber, so the rest of the time l can focus on my painting.

It’s a good balance of connecting with other people and working on my own.

What inspires you about Ōtautahi?

l am very inspired by our landscape , l live in Redcliffs and spend time walking in Sumner, on the beach, with my dog Birdy.

I love Lyttelton and the bays around there.

Also the different colours on the cliffs in Redcliffs , which l see everyday is pretty inspiring.

What piece of advice about your creative work has served you well?

Just to keep going, even when you feel blocked, it’s really good to keep doodling with colour and form. Something usually comes from that.

What’s the biggest misconception about your creative work?

Probably the misconception is that everything has to mean something,  l like the idea that people make their own minds up about what my art is about.

What Christchurch artists do you most admire?

Hannah Kidd.

I admire Brent Forbes, but think he comes from Timaru, close though.

Bill Hammond

Marie Let Lievre

What artwork/piece of music/performance has taken your breath away?

Music – Faure’s Requiem

Australian Artist – Aaron Kinnae

What do you wish you’d have known about creative work when you were younger?

That art making is a process and can be very up and down , but I mostly have come to terms with that.

What’s your favourite hidden secret in Ōtautahi?

The Lumiere movie theatre in the Arts Centre.

It’s a wonderful place , l am always surprised that a lot of people haven’t been there yet!


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