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Janice Gray

image Image courtesy Frank Film

How would you describe what you do?

I Entertain.

What was your most recent project?


What project have you worked on that you’re the most proud of?

Miss Hannigan in Annie at the Town Hall in 1982 – among others!

What is essential for creatives to have in their life?


How has living in Ōtautahi inspired you?

It sure has thickened my skin and made me aware of ephemerality.

What piece of advice about your creative work has served you well?

Be yourself. Listen.

What’s the biggest misconception about your creative work?

That you are important.

What Christchurch artists do you most admire?

Helm Rufrock – painter.

What artwork/piece of music/performance has taken your breath away?

It happens almost daily. Poetry, pictures, books, opinions…

What do you wish you’d have known about creative work when you were younger?

Other peoples’ opinions about your work or being, don’t really matter in the long run. Be true to yourself. Cut out the deadwood and learn to say no.


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