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Cameron Mattox

image Cameron Mattox

“Be prepared to take risks and not to fall into the trap of wanting to please with your creativity.”


How would you describe what you do?

 I am the Artistic Director of the Hagley Theatre Company teaching pre-professional course in Performing Arts to post0-secondary students. I teach acting and stage direction  as well as directing the major productions.

What was your most recent project?

Scene Plus and SLAM seasons with the company at THE OPEN STAGE studios.

What project have you worked on that you’re the most proud of?

30 years of training students who have gone on to the profession as performers, creators, directors, writers and teachers, probably over 200 students have moved into further training and into the profession.

What is essential for creatives to have in their life?

A willingness to take risks with the development of new work.

What inspires you about Ōtautahi?

The potential of the arts scene and the future performers now emerging.

 What piece of advice about your creative work has served you well?

The understanding that going with your gut feeling rather than the logical head approach. Be prepared to take risks and not to fall into the trap of wanting to please with your creativity.

What’s the biggest misconception about your creative work?

That we are too out there with our choices of production material.

What Christchurch artists do you most admire?

Hammond & Dawe as visual artists.

What artwork/piece of music/performance has taken your breath away?

Robert Le Page has brought numerous performances to the festivals of Aotearoa. He is by far the most innovative and exciting creative I have ever studied.

What do you wish you’d have known about creative work when you were younger?

Given more opportunities to develop skills rather than it all be about sport.

What’s your favourite hidden secret in Ōtautahi?

The work of the students and staff at the Hagley Theatre Company, always innovative and exciting. With seasons such as Gi60 (gone in 60 seconds theatre festival) and Scene Plus (a mixed variety of live action and filmed performances) on offer and with only us as the provider in Ōtautahi.


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