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05.03 - 13.04 2023

Schmuck Rangiora

5 March 2023 -
/ Twelve contemporary Waitaha, Ōtautahi jewellery artists on show
Rangiora Library

“the synergy of a group is as important if not more than..”

Rick Reuben


Celebrating the vibrant work of Twelve Contemporary Waitaha, Ōtautahi Jewellery Artists who trained together at Hagley College.


Traditionally March is the  month for Jewellery fairs and exhibitions to take place in Germany.

Many galleries across the world are trending to align their contemporary jewellery shows at this time of year.


Schmuck is the German word for Jewellery, and also a well known term Yiddish slang.

Why not some Schmuck in Rangiora?


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