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18.04 - 20.04 2023

Ōtautahi Sound System Culture Documentary

18 April 2023 1:55pm
/ Check out the Ōtautahi Sound System Culture Visual Documentary (and sound systems) at Tyanhaus...
Tyanhaus, Carlyle Street, Sydenham

RDU 98.5FM celebrates Ōtauahi Sound System Culture
Announcing the launch of the Ōtautahi Sound System Culture Visual Documentary

RDU 98.5FM has been the leading music broadcaster in Ōtautahi since 1976. Championing our local and regional musicians by promoting their music, gigs, tours…and personalities. Part of our community are a number of Sound System crews who bring together an array of communities to experience many modern or classic genres of music performed through sound systems.

Sound Systems have played a pivotal role in the development of music globally. From hip-hop to punk rock to electronic music – rave to jungle to grime to garage. The impact on musicians, Dj’s and punters right here in Ōtautahi has been felt for decades and has furthered the development of music in our city, powered by hard work, passion and innovation.

This short documentary explores the experience and message behind Ōtautahi Sound System culture. It is an exploration of the people, sound system construction, the culture and the history. From the role of the sound system operator, to the variety of experiences on the dance floor. Sound Systems who are showcased in the documentary include Subtle Sound System, Bass Factory Sound System, Eyes Down Sound, Chief Remedy Sound System, Roots Fire Sound, Boom Candy Sound System, Irie Sound and RDU 98.5FM’s own micro Sound System.

The Ōtautahi Sound System Culture documentary was made with support from The Christchurch City Council and its Virtual Ōtautahi fund, originally set up in 2020 to help produce visual content about communities from our city, post COVID-19.

The Ōtautahi Sound System Culture documentary will premiere on April 14th at Tyanhaus, 5pm – 9pm, 6 Carlyle Street, Sydenham. The documentary will then be available to view from April 15th until April 20th, with sound systems from the documentary being displayed during the exhibition dates.

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