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03.05 - 07.05 2022
Events & Exhibitions


3 May 2022 -
/ Christchurch old girl Brynley Stent returns to Little Andromeda with her new stand up show.
image Brynley Stent

In the age-old question “Shoot, F***, Marry?”

Christchurch old girl Brynley Stent has always been a “Marry”. But after her recent, extremely amicable breakup from her partner of 8 years, she’s ready to change herself to a “F***” for the summer (and yes, she is aware her family will read this).

Through soundscape, character and mime, Brynley will transport us into the world of socially distanced dates, high school poking regrets and booking in a massage because you deeply crave human touch.

It’s a pick and mix bunch of one-person comedy sketches and the hilarious second album after winning the Billy T Award.


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